The Advancement Network (AdNet) Mentor Partnership Program is designed to support and nurture sector professionals by pairing experienced staff and experts with those members who are new to the field, contemplating a career change, or seeking guidance.

Program Goals:

  • To provide an added benefit to attract and retain members.
  • To assist AdNet members in developing collegial relationships and establishing a professional network for support and guidance.
  • To strengthen knowledge and skills in philanthropy and fundraising best practices.
  • To develop and retain talent in the sector.

Mentee Commitment

  • Meet with your mentor for a minimum of one hour a month for four months by phone, Zoom or in person. 
  • Be respectful of all meeting dates and times.
  • Identify areas of focus to work on with your mentor.
  • Send questions or discussion topic(s) to mentor in advance of meeting.
  • Complete a program evaluation form at the end of the partnership.

Mentor Commitment

  • Commit to the role of mentor for a minimum of one hour for four months by meeting by phone, Zoom or in person with your mentee. Mentors will be responsible for requesting and scheduling the meetings.
  • Be respectful of meeting dates and times.
  • Provide guidance, knowledge and support for your mentee to advance him/her/they professionally.
  • Assist your mentee in setting and achieving his/her/their professional goals.
  • Maintain confidentiality and establish trust with your mentee.
  • Complete a program evaluation form at the end of the partnership.